Most girls dream about their wedding day since they are little girls. They picturize images of how they want their dream wedding to be, what they will wear, how they will look, how will the event be etc. Right from the venue, to the types of flowers or colour of the dress, they have a vision for them all. They can envision themselves, looking drop dead gorgeous side by side their knight in shining armor. However to make this beautiful dream come true one really needs to prepare and plan well for the wedding. Right from shortlisting a bridal hair stylist to booking the venue, it all needs time and dedication.

The first wish a bride has is to look so beautiful and ravishing on her special day that she is the center of attention for all the guests and obviously her husband to be. A professional bridal hair Stylist and makeup artist can help the bride to bring to reality the enchanting version of themselves which they have always visualized.

The most integral part of a bride’s look is her hairstyle, therefore the choice of the wedding hair stylist is very crucial. Considering the new trends, whether to use veils and if yes which type etc. are very important questions which will determine the final look of the bride. Clare Pearson is a bridal hair stylist who has over 2 decades of experience as a wedding hair stylist and makeup artist. She has worked with hundreds of satisfied brides who vouch by her work and consider her to be one of the top bridal hair stylists in Glasgow and whole of UK.

Things to do before you search for a bridal hair stylist:

Select your Dress

To decide on which hairstyle to do on your wedding day, it is important to select your wedding dress before that. The styling and pattern of the dress will determine what type of hairstyle will look good with that specific dress. The design of the dress will decide whether a tiara will be required or should the wedding hair stylist opt for some other form hair accessory.

Wedding Preparations

It is important to start your wedding preparations early. The hairstyle is one small thing in the preparations, you will need to decide on the colour of the hair, the length of the hair, whether straightened hair or permed hair etc. All this will be needed to thought about or be done before you actually shortlist a hairstyle for the wedding with your bridal hair stylist. You will need to discuss with the wedding hair stylist regarding the colour, length etc of the hair which would be required for a specific hairstyle.

Creating a Mood Board

It is important to create a mood board to show and discuss the theme of your wedding to your wedding hair stylist. By visually expressing the vision of your wedding day, it can help the hair dresser understand exactly what requires to be done and planned for the hairstyling for the special day.

Choosing a Bridal Hair stylist

  • Vast Portfolio: Though you may not want to wander too far from your personal style of dressing for your wedding day, it can be fun if you try something new, as it’s a very special day. If you are a regular high pony person, why not try a more elegant hairdo instead. Or if you have straight hair and have always worn them that way, why not try to go for a wavy hair look or go for soft curls. It is important that you choose a wedding hair stylist who has worked on varies hairstyles and has a vast portfolio to boast about.
  • Research well: To look gorgeous and stunning on your wedding day, it is important that you research well and shortlist a wedding hair stylist who is skilled and has vast experience. Scout through the list of hair dressers and go through their portfolios or follow their work to determine the best option for you.
  • Social media scouting: Today Social media is the best place to search for popular bridal hair stylists or wedding hair dressers. Most of the top bridal hair stylists post their best works on Instagram or Facebook. You can go through their posts and check the styles and decide which stylist you would prefer to get dressed by.
  • Reviews: You cannot only make a decision by looking at the hairstyles posted by a hairstylist on their pages or on social media. It is important that you go through the reviews written by their former clients and understand how their experience with the specific hairstylist was.
  • Get in touch: Once you have shortlisted the hairstylist you would like to work with, the next thing is to get in touch with them.Contact them by showing interest on their webpages or social media pages. Or you can contact them on their phone numbers and ask for a meeting.
  • Meeting: After contacting them for a meeting, comes the time to actually meet them in person. Prepare a set of questions or queries when you go to meet the bridal hair stylist. Get to know about their price, how they work, what products they use etc. get to know them completely before you finalize the wedding hair stylist for your special day.
  • Ask for a hair trial: It is advisable to always ask for a hair trial before finalizing a hairstylist for your wedding. See how they work in person and how comfortable you feel with their styling and ideas. It is better to take trials rather than being faced with surprises on the big day.
  • Check the contract before committing: Once you feel you have found the best bridal hair stylist for your wedding day, the next step is to work out the contract. Ensure that the final paperwork covers all the pre-wedding services like trial runs and the final wedding day services. Check out for the list of additional fees which would be included to the final cost, fees like travel charges or supplies charges etc. Sign the contract only after being sure about everything.

What should I ask my Wedding Hair stylist?

There is no doubt that as a nervous bride you would be having a lot of questions, don’t forget to add the below questions to your list too.

1. When should I wash my hair and which products should be used?

Ask the hairstylist when you should wash your hair on the wedding day so that the hairstyling is not affected. Does the hairstylist recommend any products to be used for washing or conditioning? It is better to follow the instructions and use the products suggested between the trial and the wedding.

2. How long will my hairstyle last on the wedding day and will I need to carry something to keep it looking the same for a longer time?

Whether you’re planning on a hairdo or planning to wear your hair down, you would obviously want them to last for the whole day. So it is best to take tips from the stylist on how to maintain them through the day. The stylist may suggest you to carry a small can of hair spray or use invisible bands to keep them intact.

3. What time will the dresser arrive on the morning of the wedding and how much time will she need?

An experienced hair dresser knows how much time she will need to compete her styling. She will tell you at what time in the morning she will arrive and how many hours she will need to complete her styling. It is better to know the timings and follow them so that there is no unwanted delay to the ceremony.

4. Will the bridal hair stylist come with a team or will she work alone?

It is important to know if your hair dresser has a team of her own or not. You would surely not want her to waste time in getting the other members of the wedding party ready too. You would want her to focus completely on you and have her team work on the bridesmaids and other members of the family. More staff means more cost. So if you are working on a limited budget you can ask your bridesmaids to get ready on their own and have a single wedding hair stylist work for you.

Clare Pearson is a Multi Award Winning Hair and Makeup artist having over two decades of experience as a professional bridal hair stylist and makeup artist. Right from your wedding makeup to your hairstyling, she will provide you with best services at your doorstep. She will work closely with you, ensuring that your vision and dreams of your wedding day becomes a reality. When Clare will weave her magic over you, you will look like you’ve just stepped out of a fairy tale, beautiful and drop dead gorgeous.