Do you love coloured hair? Do you bleach your hair often? Am sure the bleach and colour would have taken a toll on your tresses and you would be looking for hair repair treatments which would help make your hair healthy and strong again.

However maintaining the swish and shine of the hair is not easy; there are many factors like your daily routine, diet, exposure to extreme heat, frequent usage of chemical-based hair treatments which influence the quality of your hair.

To maintain the beauty and health of your hair in the best possible condition, you must follow healthy hair care routines including use of the right products for your hair.

With the plethora of hair care products available in the market, it is difficult for many people to choose the right product which can help repair and maintain the quality of their hair. It becomes even more difficult when one has to choose between two of the best hair repair treatment products.

INNOluxe and OLAPLEX are two hair care products for coloured and damaged hair. Let us know more about these products and understand who wins in the INNOluxe vs. OLAPLEX comparison.

What is OLAPLEX Treatment? What exactly does OLAPLEX do?

OLAPLEX treatment is the only patented after colour applicant system which helps in reconnecting or rebuilding broken or damaged disulfide bonds in the hair.

 Chemically and thermally treated hairs are repaired with the help of the product’s active chemistry which works on a molecular level to repair the broken bonds. This treatment is useful in restoring damaged and compromised hair, it helps to rebuild the broken bonds from within.

OLAPLEX offers several products under its umbrella, OLAPLEX Hair perfector, OLAPLEX Bond maintenance shampoo, OLAPLEX Bond maintenance conditioner, OLAPLEX Bond smoother and OLAPLEX Bonding oil.

What is INNOluxe treatment?

INNOluxe treatment is a leave-in treatment and prep cream which needs to be applied before the hair colour treatment starts. The pioneering protein technology just doesn’t protect the hair while colouring, it also repairs and restores the strength in them. The proteins help build the integrity of the hair, making them thick, lustrous and healthy.

The V2 range of INNOluxe products is aimed at building the structure of each hair, making them look fuller, healthier, and more beautiful than ever. Rebond V2, Balance plus V2 and Elixir V2 are the different products available under the INNOluxe V2 range. 

INNOluxe vs. OLAPLEX: Which is the better hair repair treatment?

Let us compare the 2 best selling, at-home use products from both the brands to determine which one of them is a better hair repair treatment.

  • OLAPLEX Hair Perfector No.3 Repairing Treatment

OLAPLEX Hair Perfector is a global bestseller and is an at-home hair repair treatment. It helps protect chemically or thermally treated hair from becoming brittle, dry and damaged. This amazing product uses a patented technology which helps restore the natural lustre and shine of your hair, by working at the molecular level to repair the broken or damaged bonds in the hair.

It is a simple overnight treatment which needs application only once a week. You don’t need to visit the salons to get this professional hair repair treatment; you can get it done from the comfort of your own home.

The results are astounding, so if you wish to repair your damaged locks and gain back your old lustrous, shiny, healthy hair; OLAPLEX Hair Perfector is the ideal product for you.

OLAPLEX treatment products are expensive but they are the only patented hair repair treatment products in the market.  Therefore OLAPLEX treatment can be considered a premium hair treatment which can beautifully restore damaged hair, but it can be heavy on the pocket.

  • INNOluxe Elixir V2 Professional

Like OLAPLEX Perfector, INNOluxe Elixir V2 is an at-home use product which offers salon-like hair repair treatment. It will leave your hair feeling sprightly and liberated, while at the same time looking stylish and glossy.

This product can be used on chemically treated hair, so whether you are bleaching your hair or colouring them, the Innoluxe Elixir V2 can be used to repair the damage caused.  

The product can be easily used at home, the application is very simple. It can be used on either wet or dry hair. Application of this product every night can be really helpful and you will see very positive results. Just take 1 or 2 drops and apply it to wet hair, style your hair as you wish and then leave it on the hair overnight. If applying on dry hair, take 3 or 4 drops. So:

The INNOluxe Elixir V2 professional helps in protecting and repairing your hair; it increases the glossiness and shine and also improves the natural elasticity of the hair.

INNOluxe products are much cheaper than Olaplex. However, they are not as easily available in the market. Due to its patent, OLAPLEX products are more legitimate, hence widely available in the market.


After going through the comparison of INNOluxe vs. OLAPLEX, we can say that both the products are successful at what they promise to do, repair damaged hair.

Users of both products have positive reviews to share. OLAPLEX products are patented and hence more reliable but they are very expensive. So if you are not bothered on spending a bomb for your hair care, OLAPLEX is for you. However if you are looking for an affordable option, which also has shown promising results, INNOluxe treatment is the answer for you. 

Clare is a multi-award-winning makeup and hairstylist, having over 20 years of experience. After training in Leeds & London she moved to Oban in 2012 where she has built up a strong loyal client base by offering them a one on one personal hairdressing experience from her boutique salon.

Clare is well known for her natural, sun-kissed hair colour techniques and is the master of ‘lived-in colour’ producing subtle, versatile sun-kissed blondes, beachy brunettes and vibrant redheads.

If you are looking for hair care and repair treatments, you can visit her salon and rest assured you will be provided with the best solutions suited for your hair type and quality. Contact us at 01631 570072 for more information.